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About Us

The Town Pump was purchased in 2005 by a couple of guys, Ian & Brian, who met at WSU. They started a painting business to save money when they got out of college, then bought the White Buffalo in Everett in 1995. With their wives and children by their sides, they have grown over the past 27 years to own three bars, adding the Twin Foxes in Everett in 2015. The Town Pump itself was built in 1903 starting as a gas station with a store front, with the owners living in the home attached. It became a Tavern sometime in 1960's or 1970's - nobody has figured it out for sure, but hopefully more will be learned over time. 

We are a neighborhood bar, bearing all walks of life ages 21-101, all colors, beliefs, creeds-and we all just get along. It's pretty awesome.